Valentine’s Day is totally for Lovebirds.  With this in mind it isn’t hard to decide which bird should be the officially recognized holiday bird for Valentine’s Day.  I don’t think I have to defend my position here too terribly much.  It’s a no-brainer, basically.

Valentine's Day Lovebirds

I chose to make the Blue-masked Lovebirds to represent all lovebirds everywhere on Valentine’s Day.  Most Lovebirds are green with some yellow or orange.  Those colors aren’t really what you’d typically think of as Valentine colors.   Whereas, the blue-masked lovebirds have pink on their bills, and a bit of purple on the tail.  Plus, the main color is a very pretty turquoise-blue.   These particular birds are made from Polymer Clay.  They’re only about an inch high.  And they would be totally lost without each other!

Lovebirds top view