Politicians often times remind me of roosters.  They like to get up on tall things and crow about stuff.  Some of them want to wake up the world and some just want to make a lot of noise.  Roosters are very cocky birds, and they can be quite aggressive and sometimes hurtful, but where would the chicken population be without them?  The roosters are the protectors of the flock.   They fight for their brood, and they keep law and order.  You have to admire the mighty rooster, even as you fight him off with a long stick so you can gather the eggs.


President's Day Rooster


I would argue that the rooster should be the official bird of President’s Day for the above reasons.  Doesn’t this bird look the part of a politician to you?  He’s cocky and  self-assured, with a message to blast out to the whole world!


The rooster pictured above is made from polymer clay.  He’s just over an inch and a half tall, but don’t underestimate him!