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Apr 08

This Holiday could have two holiday birds – chicks and ducklings.  I have decided to focus on one, and it had to be the chick.  I’m sure everyone associates Easter with chicks, and chicks with Easter.

Easter Chick

This is a very easy bird to make, and just for fun I made it in such a way that it also resembles the popular Peeps marshmallow candy treats that are always available at Easter time.  This Polymer Peep is 13/16 of an inch tall and is 1 and 1/8 inches long.

Chick with Peepish profile

Happy Easter!!

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Apr 01

I would like to announce the clear and undisputed obvious winner of the honor of being the Official (in my mind at least) Holiday Bird for April Fool’s Day . . . . . . The beloved Snipe!!  It’s actual name is the Common Snipe.

Common Snipe

Many of you may have been involved in a “snipe hunt” and have fascinating stories to tell.   The Common Snipe is, really and truly, an actual bird.  And it really is a hard bird to catch, even by experienced hunters.  However, many methods that are taught are a bit outlandish, I must admit.  I’ve heard some very crazy methods, and I’ve heard some even more crazy descriptions of what a snipe looks and acts like, which makes this such a perfect bird for April Fool’s Day.

Common Snipe - side view

I had a lot of fun making this bird!  In real life his beak is quite straight, but I took the liberty of curving it down a bit to give it a little goofier expression.   This little guy is only about 7/8 of an inch tall, but he’s almost 2 inches long, in spite of having such a short, stubby little tail!

Common Snipe - back view

I had fun adding the little details to this bird!  He is one of my very favorites!

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